School of Education Students Claim Awards at Annual Graduate Research and Creativity Showcase

Posted on April 05, 2023

TEHE graduate student Chibor Chibor presents at the annual Graduate Research and Creativity Showcase

Three School of Education students walked away with honors at the completion of the annual Graduate Research and Creativity Showcase held by the UNC Greensboro Graduate School on Tuesday, April 4. Earning recognition were Chibor Chibor (Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education), Paula Hernandez (Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations), and Natasha Monteith (Department of Educational Research Methodology).

This showcase presents the accomplishments of UNCG’s graduate students to the community and provides a venue for students to communicate their research and creative activities. Graduate students explain and present their work through posters. This event is designed to showcase graduate research and creative work to a variety of non-specialized audiences. Presentations were to be appropriate for a wide range of audiences – from Middle College students to undergraduates, community members, and business owners.

Chibor, who was mentored by Dr. Brad Johnson, presented “International Students Finding a Sense of Belonging in a Host Culture: Using Berry’s Four Acculturative Strategies, its Pros and Cons.”

Hernandez, mentored by Dr. Katherine Mansfield, showcased her project “Making Sense of Higher Education Access for Undocumented Students in the U.S.”

Finally, Monteith’s work “Student Affairs Master’s Degree Preparatory Programs in the United States: Are They All Alike?” was also honored. Monteith was mentored by Dr. Sandra Ayoo.

During the showcase, students had a maximum of 12 minutes to both present and answer questions from the judges. Those involved in the event were evaluated on the clarity of their communication to a non-specialized audience, their presentation skills, content knowledge and creativity, organization, originality, and ability to explain the importance of their work.