Tackling the most challenging issues in education requires us to ask difficult questions, undertake systematic inquiry, leverage current understandings while creating new knowledge, and employ creative problem solving.

Participants in a Gate City Writes professional development session listen to a speaker.


Creating and developing knowledge.

We support faculty, staff and students who are developing new ideas, seeking financial support for projects, or engaging in contractual partnerships.

CED Project Presentation


Discovering areas for collaboration.

We believe that attempting to solve real-world problems of education is important. The innovation mindset is one of translating what is learned within in the academy into education practice. Innovation also means being courageous in the face of complicated problems and creating processes and tools to make a difference.

Alumni participate in hands-on activities in the SELF Design Studio


Finding innovative ways to make a sustainable impact.

We connect faculty, staff, and students in the School of Education that have specific areas of expertise with those in the community that have the need with the goal of creating partnerships that can make an impact.

Support for Research in SOE

MISSION:  The SOE Division of Research, Discovery, and Innovation (RDI) advances the quality, impact, and visibility of research and scholarship. 

VALUES & COMMITMENTS: The RDI is committed to supporting diverse scholars with varied identities. It supports a broad range of scholarship and values diverse philosophical and methodological research traditions. The Division supports and promotes equity, diversity, and social justice. The RDI is committed to supporting researchers regardless of the status or availability of external funding for their work.

GOALS:  RDI works towards its mission by pursuing the following goals:

  1.  Advancing a culture and infrastructure that supports research and scholarship across the SOE.
  2.  Facilitating collaborative partnerships within and beyond the SOE.
  3.  Promoting dissemination and visibility of SOE research and scholarship.
  4.  Facilitating pursuit, acquisition, and management of external funding.
  5.  Promoting transformative impact through translation, application, and spread of research and scholarship.
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