Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC)

Dr. Valerie Bridges speaking at the ELC Critical Conversations

Are you concerned with issues of educational theory and philosophy, sociocultural analysis, educational leadership and school organization, educational policy, and critical pedagogy? 

Join the UNC Greensboro Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC), where we are committed to the development of a just and caring democratic society in which schools serve as centers of inquiry and forces for social transformation that foster social, economic, and educational equity by honoring differences in race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sex and gender identity/expression.

Our department seeks to prepare thoughtful and effective leaders in education through programs of study that are interdisciplinary in focus and that emphasize questions of moral concern, the cultural context of education, and a reconstructive vision for excellent and equitable schooling. Currently, the Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC) offers degrees and certificates in the following academic program areas:  

Graduate Programs 

Certificate Programs  

As a valued member of our academic community, you will have the advantage of a supportive environment in which you are known, cared for, challenged and invested in. Faculty members take your preparation and your success very seriously. For that same reason, we equip you with more than knowledge; we give you the tools and experience to understand what your future decisions in the field will mean to learners and how you can use your position to bring about positive change for education.

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Gender Diversity Statement

The Department of Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations (ELC), in collaboration with LEARN’s Gender Diversity Working Group, is committed to affirming the lives of and promoting social justice for Trans and Non-Binary people. We have created a comprehensive toolkit to support gender diverse students, located here: