Teacher Education and Higher Education

Few aspirations are more rewarding and critical than creating the foundation for the next generation to succeed. The Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE) brings together outstanding faculty mentors with scholars from all levels of educational experience to pursue one, common goal: to become leaders driven to make a difference in the lives of learners, who, in turn, are prepared to make their own positive difference in the world. Whether your professional goal is to be a leader in elementary schools, secondary schools or higher education, we are here to provide the best possible preparation and support.

From the undergraduate to master’s to doctoral level, our programs offer exceptional value and opportunity. As a result, dedicated students are empowered to create a path to their own success. Our graduates become teachers, improve their current teaching practice, work in colleges or universities as instructors or administrators, and work with preservice or inservice teachers in university teacher educator programs and school district offices — many earning positions even before earning their degrees.

In the TEHE department, you will be a valued member of an academic community that deeply supports your professional goals. Our highly engaged faculty conducts research that keeps them at the cutting edge of their disciplines and informs you classroom learning. Outside of the classroom, you will have access to internships, field-based projects and many opportunities to work with members of the local community, whether they are practicing teachers, emerging scientists from high schools, freshman just entering higher education or elementary school writers. Every experience is geared to position you directly in the field so that by the time you graduate, you are ready to make a difference on Day One. In fact, schools and universities seek out TEHE graduates because of our reputation for excellent professional preparation. You, too, will leave our program with a strong sense of self, confident in your ability to lead in a field that greatly needs excellent, caring and innovative leaders.

Gender Diversity Statement

The Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education, in collaboration with LEARN’s Gender Diversity Working Group, is committed to affirming the lives of and promoting social justice for Trans and Non-Binary people. We have created a comprehensive toolkit to support gender diverse students, located here: go.uncg.edu/genderdiversitytoolkit