Collaborating on Equity, Building New Futures

The educators we remember, the ones who most impacted our lives, are ones who saw us for who we are and who we would become. Such educators empathized, cared and understood. They recognized the systems which posed hurdles for future possibility. At UNCG’s School of Education, we prepare educators to critically engage a justice-centered practice and advocate for each of their students and families.

Our faculty and staff collaborate to provide greater access to a multitude of resources and experiences. Students have a carefully knit network of support as they hone their professional skills and can rely on a team invested in their success.

As a School of Education, we value and promote a diverse community, one which together builds equitable and sustainable environments where all can find a sense of belonging. We are equally committed to critically examining what this means as we shift infrastructure to meet these goals and understand the needs of students, staff and faculty in the complexity of our local, regional, national and transnational contexts.

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EDI Statements

As a School of Education, we value and promote a diverse and inclusive community that fosters equitable, just, and flourishing environments where all can find a sense of belonging. We embrace and promote our differences and uniqueness, as it is through this diversity that we find our greatest success. We strive to cultivate an environment that affords each individual the opportunities, supports, and resources needed for their success and well-being. We foster an environment where every individual contributes to the impact of our organization.

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As a School of Education we are committed to promoting a just society through valuing diversity and fostering educational and social equity. We are equally committed to interrogating what this means as we operationalize and understand the needs of students, staff and faculty in the complex condition of our world today.

Strategic Directions 

In concert with UNCG’s Action Framework , the School of Education focuses its strategic directions towards assessment, evaluation and planning; aligns its organizational practices; supports community and intergroup processes, and offers a variety of training, education and programming. We believe in a comprehensive and embedded approach to building a welcoming and responsive environment for our students, faculty, and staff. Below you will find examples of this impactful work across all of our community. 


A variety of financial aid is available to our students, including scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. We invite you to explore the many scholarship and funding opportunities offered in the School of Education.