Educational Research Methodology (ERM)

Evidence-based decision making is an integral part of today’s society. Whether we are talking about the ability to demonstrate educational achievement, work collaboratively with program stakeholders to enact change, or highlight strengths and weakness of educational/social systems, the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) provides the necessary training for future professionals and academics.

Whether you are interested in measurement and quantitative methods or program evaluation, join the UNC Greensboro Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) to graduate with substantial skills and knowledge in quantitative and qualitative methods, and in their application across a variety of settings. As methodologists, our graduate students find employment in measurement fields, such as accreditation and testing bodies, or in program evaluation in educational or community-based settings.

Currently, the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) offers the following academic programs areas:

The Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) at UNCG is committed to advancing knowledge and practice within the fields of research methodology, measurement sciences, program evaluation, and applied statistics. ERM’s programs address the ever-growing need for professionals with highly specialized skills in these areas.