Real World English

Teaching English, Supporting Families, Building Communities

Real World English students work on their English skills

Adult English Classes

Real World English is a culturally responsive program that supports language and community development through practical English instruction at different levels for adult learners: basic 1, basic 2, intermediate and advanced. All courses are free. Our learning community is a safe and open environment for adult students and their children regardless of native language, immigration status, nationality, religion, or other social, ethnic, or racial characteristics.

Our focus is on student-centered learning using ‘best practices’ in teaching English to speakers of other languages, and we highly value cultural interactions and cross-cultural understanding.

Children’s Program

While parents are improving their English, we offer free STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) activities for children ages 2-14. These activities focus on a theme each week. Examples of the themes include plants, light, flight, momentum, mass and balance, deserts, oceans, simple machines, gravity, etc.

Children at the Real World English program play a game with an instructor
A student during a citizenship during the real world English program at Allen Middle School.

Teacher Support

Everyone who joins the Real World English community is expected to complete a registration form, review and follow the community expectations, complete the sign-in form when attending the in-person classes.

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Make a difference

We are sustained by donations and we always need volunteers to serve as conversation partners with our adult students and to work with the children’s program. With your help, we can continue to expand our offerings and help more families!

If you are considering donating to our program:

  • Complete the online form and enter “Real World English” in the Gift Comment box.
  • Write a check to “Allen Middle School for the Real World English program” and mail it to Allen Middle School, 1108 Glendale Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406

  • $500
    • 20 families could receive $25 gift cards to purchase books for home reading
    • 40 tickets for a fieldtrip to the Greensboro Science Center
  • $300
    • Sponsor an additional Saturday class (includes snacks, materials, teacher-leader for the children’s program, and custodian)
    • Add more bi-lingual books to our lending library for the adults to check out and reach at home
  • $250
    • 10 families could receive $25 gift cards to purchase books for home reading
    • 20 tickets for a fieldtrip to the Greensboro Science Center
  • $150
    • Snacks for the children for one semester
    • STEAM materials for the children for one semester
    • Hands-on curriculum materials for the adult program (e.g., board games, manipulatives, realia)
Mother and daughter participating in STEAM activities

REal World English

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