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Do opportunities for an innovative approach to your work inspire you to dream about possibilities and explore ways to make them happen? Do you have an innovation in mind that you would like to bring to fruition? UNC Greensboro’s School of Education invests in innovative educational ideas, launching and supporting their development to transform challenges into successes.

We recognize that innovation sometimes requires some assistance to get started and we have two awards to help great ideas move forward. For example, The Idea Development Award helped Let’s Move in Libraries develop a website to promote the addition of health-related programming for patrons of local libraries across the US. ITI provides two levels of funding to support faculty innovation within the School of Education.

Early-Stage Innovation Support

This may occur when a faculty member has an innovation idea and needs starter support to determine if the idea shows innovation potential.

Award Range: $1,000 to $3,000

Later Stage Innovation Support

When a faculty member has demonstrated the innovation potential for an idea and has identified a clear innovation pathway a larger amount of support might be provided.

Award Range: Up to $10,000 based on the need and strength of the proposal.

Pre-innovation Research

If a faculty member is conducting research that could have an innovation pathway, they may work with the Associate Dean of Research to maximize its innovation potential. On occasion, funding may be negotiated and will likely be up to $1000. The funding is not intended for traditional research activities, but rather to develop innovation potential.

Faculty Projects

ITI Awards

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