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Posted on April 30, 2020

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See the Triumph is a social media campaign with a goal of ending the stigma surrounding intimate partner violence. See the Triumph is the result of research studies with survivors of past abusive intimate relationships who have been out of any abusive situations for at least two years. These studies were conducted by Dr. Christine Murray at UNC Greensboro and Dr. Allison Crowe at East Carolina University. See the Triumph is intended to address all forms of intimate partner violence, including intimate partner sexual assault, violence perpetrated by males and females in heterosexual relationships, and violence within same-sex relationships.


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What is the project’s goal?

  • To share empowering messages that people can overcome their abuse and create positive, nonviolent lives
  • To describe strategies that have worked for other survivors to help them overcome their abuse and the stigma related to it
  • To promote a new view of battering survivors that shows them as triumphant, courageous, and resourceful

What is the innovation?

See the Triumph leverages social media to connect survivors through inspirational stories of surviving domestic violence and offer a positive, more triumphant vision of what it means to be a survivor of intimate partner violence.

What has been the impact?

As of April 14, 2020, See the Triumph’s international social media audience included 4,945 Facebook followers, 351 Twitter followers, and 1,008 Instagram followers (@triumphoverabuse), and the See the Triumph website reaches more than 100,000 unique visitors per year.

See the Triumph provides workbooks and collections of resources to support survivors in a variety of settings and to reduce the stigma they experience.