Dr. Wayne Journell (TEHE) shares how the pandemic should change the way we teach

Posted on March 23, 2022

Students wearing masks in a classroom setting

Dr. Wayne Journell (TEHE) was recently interviewed by UNCG about his recent publication and perspective on how the pandemic has affected the way we should teach. See below an insert from that interview and check out the full write-up, available from this UNCG News Article.

Wayne Journell headshot

Once we get back to a post-pandemic “new normal,” are we going to revert back to the pre-pandemic way of teaching?

To do so would be social studies malpractice, says Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE) Department Professor Dr. Wayne Journell.

“The pandemic is something the entire world is living through in some way, shape, or form. In education, we always talk about ‘teachable moments.’ If the pandemic isn’t a perfect teachable moment for social studies education, I don’t know what is.”

And according to Journell’s newest publication, there’s a lot to learn from this teachable moment. 

“Post-Pandemic Social Studies: How COVID-19 Has Changed the World and How We Teach” explores how K-12 social studies curriculum should transform now that the pandemic has exposed deficiencies in much of the traditional narrative found in textbooks and state curriculum standards. The book also offers guidance for how educators can use the pandemic to pursue a more justice-oriented, critical examination of contemporary society.