Library and Information Studies (LIS)

Are you adaptable and perceptive? Risk taking and energized by challenge? Unafraid to dig into the latest technology and explore what it can do? These qualities are essential to helping others triumph in a world where information overwhelms and fiction is difficult to distinguish from fact. Physical or virtual, it can be a community gathering place where all are welcome, a neutral testing ground for ideas big and small, and a harbor of truth and discovery.

At UNC Greensboro, we view the modern library as a dynamic center for change, join us to pursue an exciting and relevant career that is crucial for our knowledge leaders to succeed and our communities to thrive.

ALA logoUNC Greensboro’s accredited Master’s in Library and Information Studies will help you become the expert guide leading the way — an advocate for the people, their ideas and their ability to shed light on topics that matter.

To give you the best preparation, we’ve developed the only program in the state that takes a more blended approach that features a mix of face-to-face, synchronous distance, and online learning for a higher degree of engagement and value. An added bonus is that our degree can be done entirely online.

  • Accredited by the American Library Association
  • 36-hour degree program for working or full-time students, available in blended formats that combine face-to-face, synchronous distance, and online learning
  • Our degree can be done entirely online
  • Research and community-engaged projects to guide the future of the field
  • Strong connections between the department and professionals in the field, including an active network of alumni, professional associations, and organizations
  • Hands-on projects and internships with many libraries and information organizations in the state and beyond

Imagine what that means for you, the skilled information navigator who is passionate about empowering people with resources and knowledge: You become a dynamic leader for change.