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The Emergent Voices in Evaluation (EViE) Conference is a graduate student-led conference that is intended to serve as a catalyst in promoting interdisciplinary scholarship between emerging graduate-student evaluators in the southeastern United States. This annual conference provides an opportunity for graduate student evaluators to present original work, engage in dialogue about evaluation theory and practice and network with fellow emerging evaluators and academics in the region.

This one day conference was inspired by the Edward F. Kelly evaluation conference, a graduate student conference that promoted collaboration between students and faculty at various universities in central Canada and upstate New York, including: the University of Ottawa; the University of Toronto; Queen’s University; Cornell University; Syracuse; and the University at Albany.

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EViE grew out of a 2016 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia between graduate students and faculty of the UNC Greensboro’s Educational Research Methodology (ERM) department and colleagues from the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, the University of West Georgia, and Georgia Institute of Technology to discuss the development of a graduate student-led conference in the region. It was decided during this meeting that UNC Greensboro’s Educational Research Methodology Department would host the inaugural conference during the spring of 2017. The inaugural EViE conference was a great success with graduate student attendees from universities in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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