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NC Academy for Stress, Trauma, and Resilience (NCA-STAR)

Helping the helpers better understand trauma and its impact on our campus, community, & world


What are stress, trauma, and resilience?

At some point in our lives, all of us will experience some sort of life stress and even trauma. At NCA-STAR, we feel the need to broaden the understanding of trauma to meet the experiences of our community.  

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The Trauma-Informed Professional Practice Certificate Training Program (TIPP) for Mental Health Professionals is a wellness-focused tool for people in helping professions that need a deeper understanding of the impacts, reactions, and effects of trauma. Through 16 self-paced video-based modules, professionals can build skills in diagnosis, assessment, evidence-based practices, reflective activities and more. 

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We provide trauma-informed skill building, access to health and wellness skills, and education about the experiences of trauma and life crisis.

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We are committed to sharing and applying knowledge through service. One of our team’s greatest strengths is offering consultation and clinical services.

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Our faculty and staff offer trauma-informed, culturally responsive, evidence-based training and service because of the research that has shaped our understanding.

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For those of you who learn through listening, our podcast features interviews with experts in the field of trauma research and treatment. Each episode is packed with helpful tips, useful tools, and important conversations. Join us in your car, on a walk, or even on your lunch hour. It’s easy to connect. Just click below.

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Team of Experts

NCA-STAR is supported by a team of trauma experts drawing from a full range of specialties and disciplines. Meet these leaders in health and wellness education and research.


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