UNC Greensboro

College: What’s the Best Fit For Me?

Students hold and use VR goggles

High school students who will graduate soon and do not have financial and travel resources to visit college campuses for on-site tours miss an opportunity to “see” the school and have experience of feeling whether they feel a fit with the school. It’s difficult to make a decision about attending a college you’ve never visited.

Increasing Health Literacy Through Public Library Programs

A collection of heart health books on a table

Health literacy is a person’s capacity to understand and utilize health information. This is both a national and local community issue. In Gwinnett County near Atlanta, Ga., heart disease and mental illness are the leading causes of death. This project involves developing a partnership with the local health department and hospitals to bring medical professionals into the library for heart health literacy workshops.

Interactive Student Conflict Resolution Mat

Students work to resolve a conflict on a mat

The Interactive Student Conflict Resolution Mat (ISCRM) is a conflict resolution tool intended for use by elementary school students. Many students experience disagreements with a peer, and these disagreements can cause classroom disruptions when students seek teacher assistance for conflict resolution.

Approved Clinical Supervisor Online Training

Three people sit and talk as part of ACS training

Practicing counselors face challenges when they seek access to educational materials that prepare them with all of the required knowledge components needed to apply for the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACE) credential.