Research in the SOE

Office of Research

Facilitating collaboration in teaching, research, service, and community engagement.


The Office of Research in the School of Education supports faculty, staff and students who are developing new ideas, seeking financial support for projects, or engaging in contractual partnerships.

In addition to contract and grant development and submission support (pre-award) and fiscal management of awards (post-award), the Office of Research:

  • Assists new faculty in developing long-term research plans;
  • Supports short-term research that may lead to longer-term projects and impacts;
  • Provides research design and methodology assistance;
  • Supports for collaborative work, outreach initiatives and community-based research
  • Supports for student-centered research for applied experience;
  • Sponsors speakers and workshops

Forms and information for grant processes can be found on the Faculty and Staff Quick Links page under UNCG Resources and Support.

Research Office Staff

Troy Sadler, PhD

Associate Dean for Research

Troy Sadler is the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Education and provides oversight and coordination for the Office of Research. He works closely with SOE faculty and staff as well as university leadership to expand the SOE’s impact through research.


Deana Hasty

Pre-Award Research Administrator

Deana Hasty is the point of contact for faculty and staff who are seeking funding and plan on submitting a grant application, or are developing a contract with an external sponsor.


Lori George

Post-Award Research Administrator

Lori George is the Post-Award Research Administrator. She is the primary point of contact and support for faculty who have projects funded by contracts and/or grants. She works closely with central offices including the Office of Contracts and Grants and the Office of Sponsored Programs in order to financially manage projects.