Research, Discovery, and Innovation

Tackling the most challenging issues in education requires us to ask difficult questions, undertake systematic inquiry, leverage current understandings while creating new knowledge, and employ creative problem solving. At the School of Education (SOE), we are committed to discovering innovative solutions that make a difference in classrooms, schools, and beyond. We then partner with communities to implement these innovations and study how they work as well as how they can be improved. We are a hub of new methods, research, and discovery, all aimed at improving education and related services. Each year, our faculty leads dozens of research projects and community-based initiatives aimed at positively impacting children, families, and communities, and they are supported by millions of dollars from federal and state granting agencies as well as private foundations.

Numerous high-impact innovations — now implemented across our region and across the nation — were developed right here in the SOE. Members of our faculty are world-class researchers, actively developing solutions to the most pressing issues facing education. We have uncovered new approaches to enhance learning and technology for children across diverse backgrounds. We have discovered new ways of using cutting-edge assessment techniques to help teachers better identify gaps in student understanding. We have developed new programs to provide support for socio-emotional health and victims of domestic violence. We have created new knowledge about how libraries serve the public. We invite you to explore the SOE faculty and departmental pages to learn more about our scholarship.

Research across the SOE is supported by the Division of Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI). RDI houses the Office of Research and special initiatives such as Impact Through Innovation. To learn more about the mission and goals of RDI, check out the Research Supports page.