PPEERS leadership attends a networking event

PPEERS 4 Experiences Internship Placement “Reveal” and Celebration

Following a long day of LETRS training for school leaders, PPEERS 4 students learned of their internship sites and mentor principals for Year 2 of the program. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and much hype surrounded this event, which was designed as a surprise and a much awaited “reveal” celebration! PPEERS 4 students will begin their full-time, yearlong, 11-month internships on August 1, 2023, and remain as administrative interns through June 30, 2024.

The PPEERS Team attends February NCPFP: Professional Learning Network Series

On Thursday, February 9, the PPEERS Leadership Team accompanied by the PPEERS Leadership Coaches and two recent PPEERS 3 Graduates attended the third installment of the North Carolina Principal Fellow Program: Professional Learning Network Series held in Raleigh, North Carolina on the Campus of North Carolina State University at The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. The topic of this session was “Small Team Collaboration: What Do I Do Now?”

PPEERS 4 March Saturday Seminar: Dr. Mary Hemphill

In our fourth Saturday Seminar on March 4, 2023, the PPEERS 4 Candidates engaged in a half day morning training session: The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools, with Dr. Mary Hemphill. Dr. Hemphill is a Leadership Expert and Development Coach, K-16 Educator and Administrator, Author, and Motivational Speaker. 

PPEERS 4 March Saturday Seminar: PPEERS Leadership Coaches Dr. Annie Wimbish, Cindy McCormic, and Dr. Donna Peters

Following the morning session the PPEERS 4 Candidates spent the second half of the day with the PPEERS Leadership Coaches, Dr. Annie Wimbish, Cindy McCormic, and Dr. Donna Peters, of Leadership Solutions Group. The session provided continued opportunities for interns to learn to effectively lead and participate in difficult conversations. The session began with space for interns to reflect on their prior learning in this area, including time previously spent on related assessments, modules, models, and readings.

PPEERS 4 March Saturday Seminar: PPEERS Leadership Coaches Dr. Annie Wimbish, Cindy McCormic, and Dr. Donna Peters

During the afternoon session, PPEERS 4 members deconstructed several scenarios that involved holding difficult conversations. They then met in pairs to discuss how best to proceed when engaging in adult-based conversations. Later, as shown in the bottom pictures, small groups of students also discussed the most impactful curricular methods/materials (e.g., readings, guides, competencies, models, etc.) that they had studied across the semester relative to this important topic.