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The Department of Counseling and Educational Development (CED)’s North Carolina Academy for Stress Trauma and Resilience (NCA-STAR) releases its third podcast, one that is relevant to what a lot of individuals are experiencing — isolation and loneliness. The guest is Jacob Blackstock, who is completing his doctorate in the CED department at UNCG.

In a discussion with the NCA-STAR Director, Anita Faulkner, she mentioned: “This is a fascinating discussion with Jacob covering topics that are top of mind right now — loneliness, social isolation, vulnerability, and the difference between surviving and thriving. What do thriving and having a community look like in these pandemic days?”

Listen in for Jacob’s encouraging insights:

“You don’t want the perfect to be the enemy of the good.”

“If you have a longing for deeper connection, it’s normal — it’s built into your DNA.”

“If you can accept yourself — have compassion for yourself and have compassion for other people; if you are a part of a group that has your back and you feel supported, loved, and safe — that’s thriving!”

Access the podcast here, or on Apple podcasts here.