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We are pleased to announce the formal publishing of the Institute for Partnerships in Education (IPiE) website

The Institute for Partnerships in Education​ (IPiE)​ offers leadership and infrastructure for long-term and open-ended collaborations between the School of Education​ (SOE)​ and education organizations.​ ​IPiE provides resources and support for establishing and sustaining partnerships, creates experiential learning opportunities for SOE students, and will offer programs for developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions for collaborating across organizational boundaries. IPiE brings together educators, leaders, and communities to advance equity and improve educational practice. Our goal is to eliminate educational inequality by establishing and sustaining mutual collaborations focused on creating solutions to persistent problems of practice.

screenshot of the new IPiE website

The new website will facilitate these efforts, showcase the variety of SOE partnerships, celebrate their accomplishments, and serve as a platform for sharing resources and knowledge developed by SOE faculty, staff, students, and their partners​. The web​site allows us to highlight some of the great partnerships that our faculty, staff, and students are already involved in as well as introduce some new and exciting collaborations that are emerging.​

Please know that we are continuing to build out this site, and the School of Education is involved in many valuable and long-term collaborations. If there are other partnerships that you are involved in or that you are aware of, we would love to hear about them.