SOE Building Square PhotoIn 2017-2018, the UNCG School of Education had its most successful grant year in its history, bringing in more than $6.9 million in funding.

These grants have been funded by national agencies such as the US Department of Education, the National Science Foundation (NSF); state agencies such as the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and the North Carolina Bar Association; as well as foundations like the Duke Energy Foundation and local partners such as Guilford County Schools. In many cases, these grant funded projects are being led exclusively by UNCG scholars; in other cases, we are partnering with collaborators at institutions such as Michigan State, the University of Minnesota, and Blackfeet Community College.

The funded projects focus on a wide range of issues critical in today’s society and that reflect the diversity of the UNCG SOE. For example, some of our NSF projects are conducting cutting-edge research on the emergence of STEM identities among learners from historically marginalized groups. One of our NCDPI projects supports curriculum development and professional development for mathematics teachers across the state. In one of our partnership grants, UNCG researchers are helping to lead a national center for improving the educational experiences of students with significant cognitive disabilities. One project is creating new pathways for the survivors of domestic violence to overcome their abuse and create positive, nonviolent lives, and another project is educating the next generation of school leaders for North Carolina.

Learn more about the UNCG School of Education’s active research projects here.