promo image for the voice of counseling podcase featuring dr. cashwell and dr. young

Hear from the Department of Counseling and Educational Development (CED) alumni Dr. Craig Cashwell and Dr. J. Scott Young (current CED faculty) as they discuss with ACA President, Kent Butler, the integration of spirituality and religion into counseling practice.

Drs. Craig S. Cashwell and J. Scott Young, authors of “Integrating Spirituality and Religion into Counseling Practice, 3rd Edition” join in to talk about how counselors can integrate their client’s individual faith into counseling, and how spirituality can be a source of strength and hope for us all. In this engaging and lively conversation, they discuss how to address the diversity of opinions and practices related to spirituality/religion and the role of the counselor in bringing mindful engagement to the range of client presentations in relation to this topic. 

The Voice of Counseling is a Vodcast series for the professional counseling community that showcases essential issues relevant to advocacy, racial justice, and how counselors help to competently create equity in the lives of our clients, students, and the world.

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