SES PID UNCG MagazineThe UNCG SOE Specialized Education Services (SES) Department’s Professions in Deafness (PID) program was featured in the Spring 2019 UNCG Magazine!

The article features multiple faculty, staff, and students in the PID community, including Sam Parker, the Interim Associate Chair of the SES department. In the story, he explains how challenging it is to be an ASL interpreter. “Interpreters have to learn how to manage incoming information, how to process that information, and how to put it out in ASL,” he says.

The story describes how the PID curriculum isn’t only about developing professional-level ASL skills but also about becoming familiar with the deaf or hard of hearing person’s experience, and the nuances within the Deaf community.

“American Sign Language is the core,” says Dr. Claudia M. Pagliaro, director of the K-12 licensure track. “Our philosophy in PID is based in that culture and community and language.”

Read the entire article here to learn more about how Deafness is not a disability; it’s a culture and community.

Congratulations to our SES department for the fantastic feature story!

[Photo: ASL by Susan Kirby-Smith ’06 MA • Photography by Martin W. Kane]