John H Cook Society

Enrichment funds can be the reason a student with a financial emergency completes a course, a promising researcher presents at a conference, or a pre-service teacher has the ability to experience international travel. Enrichment funds are made possible through gifts from donors — many of whom are members of the John H. Cook Society — who want to meet the greatest needs of the School of Education or a department. They know the impact of their gifts will be felt by every student or faculty member, every day. 

We thank the following donors for their gifts to the School of Education Enrichment Fund:

Mrs. Martha Roe Davis and Mr. Carl Davis
Dr. Diane L. Frost and Mr. Steve J. Frost
Mrs. Pam Powell and Mr. Robert W. Powell

Mrs. Linda Wooten and Mr. Billy J. Wooten

And for their gift to the Moss Street Partnership School’s Enrichment Fund, we thank Mrs. Devon Currie and Mr. Cameron Prevatte.

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