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What is STEM TLC?

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The STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative (TLC) at UNC Greensboro is a collaboration of elementary teachers, faculty members, graduate students, school and district administrators, and community members passionately dedicated to creating a network of support for teachers in high-needs schools who are committed to integrating science and engineering into elementary classrooms.


STEM TLC supports, celebrates, and sustains teachers’ efforts to include enriching, rigorous, and responsive science and engineering in elementary classrooms in high-needs schools. Learn more why a stem collaborative, what we do, and our values on the About STEM TLC page.


Looking for resources and materials created by and focusing on STEM TLC? See our Resources section to gain access to conference presentations, media and publications, and our video library.


"With STEM TLC I feel like I've found my people! I am surrounded by like-minded teachers who are passionate about science and engineering. We form the most fantastic community."

-Second Grade STEM TLC Teacher


"Every experience I have with STEM TLC is hands-down the best professional learning ever."

-Fourth Grade STEM TLC Teacher


"The STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative is a game changer! It's totally changed how I think about teaching science and engineering."

-Fifth Grade STEM TLC Teacher


"It just rejuvenates my science soul."

-First Grade STEM TLC Teacher


"I teach engineering because I want my students to know that they have a safe place to explore their ideas. STEM TLC does the same thing for me as a teacher."

-Kindergarten STEM TLC Teacher


"It's like a dream that you are finally able to grab on to, and the passion and success you find here translates right into your classroom."

-Second Grade STEM TLC Teacher

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STEM TLC News & Events

  • UNCG STEM TLC Provides Teachers With Classroom Ideas
    As part of the UNC Greensboro STEM Teacher Leader Collaborative’s (TLC) commitment to provide quality support to area science teachers, 20 elementary teachers from schools in the North Carolina counties of Harnett, Randolph, Rockingham, and Guilford visited campus for a summer institute. This collaboration of teachers worked to support excellent science education in local schools.
  • UNCG Strengthens Education in NC through Innovative Partnerships
    UNC Greensboro was founded over 130 years ago for the purpose of educating women, and since then, thousands of Spartan alumnae have joined the workforce of women educators making an immeasurable impact […]
  • Dr. Edna Tan (TEHE) recipient of the 2022 AERA Division K Award
    The award recognizes Dr. Calabrese Barton and Dr. Tan for their work to reframe research on STEM teaching and teacher education and its implications for practice in both classrooms and communities.