At UNC Greensboro, clinical experiences, including both early field experiences and student teaching, are a critical part of professional preparation programs. While the structure and location of field experiences vary across the many UNCG programs, they are designed and implemented in collaboration with district/agency partners. In the Office of Student Success, the SOE Placement Coordinator serves as a liaison between the university and all school districts, schools and agencies where placements are made.

field experience observations

  • Initial field experiences
  • May take place prior to admission to Teacher Education

Field-Based Projects

  • Specific assignment in a professional education course that requires some kind of work directly with students
  • Do not require semester-long field experience on a set schedule


  • More extensive field experiences involving participation in teaching
  • Usually scheduled at least a couple times a week throughout the semester

Student Teaching

  • Final semester of Teacher Preparation Program
  • Full-time teaching experience in a school with a Cooperating Teacher


  • Any field experience at the graduate level may be referred to as a practicum
  • May occur in one’s place of employment, if already licensed

The Placement Coordinator in the School of Education will secure all placements for clinical experiences. Most school districts have strict rules against students reaching out directly to any teacher or principal in their districts for placement.

  • Program Coordinators work with the Placement Coordinator to decide on placements
  • Students must complete all necessary paperwork for placements and return it to the Placement Coordinator

Criminal Background Check

If you have questions regarding an issue that may show up on your background check, contact the placement coordinator.

Professional Liability Insurance

Admission to Student Teaching

You will participate in a Student Teaching experience during your final semester of your senior year. In order to participate in Student Teaching, you will need to complete the Student Teaching Application during your junior year.

Evaluations During Clinical Experiences

Ethical Behavior

Cooperating Teacher Training

  • Summer Onsite Training
  • Online Training Modules

Placement Coordinator Contact Information

Judy Pelance, SOE Placement Coordinator
School of Education Building, Room 130

Appeals & Complaints

Pursuant to North Carolina General Statue 115C-269.55, the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) has the authority to receive reports of allegations of noncompliance regarding specific laws and rules associated with Educator Preparation Program (EPP) requirements. To learn more please review the complaint process.


A variety of financial aid is available to our students, including scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. We invite you to explore the many scholarship and funding opportunities offered in the School of Education.

SOE Office of Student Success


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