All professional employees in public schools must hold a license for the subject or grade level they teach or for the professional education assignment that they hold.

Licensure Requirements for Recommendation by UNCG

The UNCG Collaborative for Educator Preparation (CEP) requires candidates to meet the following requirements to be recommended for initial license by UNCG:

  • State Board Exam (SBE) – must have attempted all required tests for the area of license (AND)
  • *edTPA – attempted all required tests for the area of license (AND)
  • *TCE – a score of ‘proficient’ on the final administration (AND)
  • *CDAP 2.0 – a score of ‘proficient’ in all categories (AND)
  • *COTC – a rating of ‘met’ on all items at conclusion of student teaching/final internship

*These requirements will be addressed in detail by your designated Program Coordinator upon acceptance to Teacher Education.


Click here for a list of all State Board Testing Requirements. Study guides for licensure exams are available for checkout in the Teaching Resources Center located in the School of Education Building Room 310.


Please visit Educational Testing Service for more details on Praxis II test(s), score(s) and testing information required for your licensure area.


Please visit North Carolina Pearson for more details on tests, scores, and information required for your licensure area.


Candidates must apply for license once all necessary state requirements have been met. Candidates can click here for the NC online licensure system portal. Licensure requirements could change at any. This could mean that you would need to take additional exams or courses in order to apply for licensure if you wait to apply for licensure.

The Alternative Licensure programs provide initial teacher certification options to those with an earned four-year degree and seek to earn a Standard SP1 teaching license. UNC Greensboro offers a wide selection to meet the initial licensure needs of the community.

There are three program options for those seeking an initial teaching license: NC TeachPAILand Licensure Only.

Residency Licensure FAQs



Fall: July 1
Spring: October 1
Summer: April 1


Fall: May 15
Spring: September 15
Summer: February 15


Based on NCDPI licensure policies on the State Board of Education site, in order to clear your Residency License and apply for professional licensure, you have to have PASSED and COMPLETED all your licensure testing and assessments (Pearson, Praxis, EdTPA) for your specific licensure area, regardless of Residency License year.

Under UNCG’s current policies, UNCG can recommend you for licensure based on only attempting those tests and assessments, but NCDPI requires that you have PASSED all needed assessments and EdTPA to approve your application based on the current licensure policies published on the State Board of Education website.

For Residency licensure candidates, once you complete your program we can not process a new Residency Verification form for you if you are not enrolled in courses for that school year, so having passing scores on your tests and assessments and EdTPA is vital so that when you complete your program, you can apply for your license as soon as possible to prevent issues with your employment.

The Licensure Only certification areas prepare applicants for teaching in advance of entering the classroom. Program coursework and duration are dependent upon the degree and previous coursework of the applicant. Once admitted, a detailed plan of study will be provided.


  • Health & Physical Education (K-12)
  • Art Licensure (K-12)

For information on B-K Licensure, please click here.


  • Earned 4-year degree in a field related to the teaching area (bachelor degree and 24 credit hours in the area of content may suffice).
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • Copy of an official transcript.


Click here for the online application to the Licensure Only Program.


Please email Dr. Jacqueline Dozier for questions regarding any of the listed alternative options at