Dr. Laura Gonzalez (TEHE) is Helping Latinx Youth Navigate College Admissions

Posted on November 09, 2021

2021 commencement graduates pose for a selfie

Dr. Laura Gonzalez in the Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education has a passion for helping Latinx youth make it to college. This led her to develop the So Much Potential: Tools for College Planning initiative. Her goal was to create supports for school counselors and other school personnel so that they could quickly resource Latinx high school students who are interested in higher education but may not know how to navigate the process given immigration status and financial constraints. You can read all about this exciting project here.

Laura Gonzalez conversing with Latinx colleagues

Dr. Gonzalez recently presented on the her project at the ITI Incubation meeting. The incubation meeting is a space for any faculty member to share an idea that they are working on and to receive supportive feedback from colleagues. The aim of the incubation process to help grow and idea to reach its maximum potential. Faculty have described the process as safe, supportive and helpful. Please join us!