ITI Kickbox: An Innovation Toolkit for SOE Students

Posted on November 09, 2021

ITI Kickbox square feature image

Impact Through Innovation (ITI) seeks to make SOE faculty and students change agents by promoting inventive solutions to the practical challenges faced by educational institutions, the individuals they serve, and the organizations with which they partner.

The student innovation branch of this initiative, ITI Kickbox, is an innovation toolkit that was designed by Adobe to foster innovation among its employees and is now available to anyone.

What is Kickbox? It is literally a box stuffed with guidance and resources to help SOE students identify, fine-tune, test, and develop innovative ideas. Students are encouraged to use the SELF Design Studio tools to turn their ideas into a reality. Kickbox prompts students to learn and practice innovative thinking, which they can then apply in future pursuits, transforming not just themselves but also the organizations they serve. When a faculty member includes a Kickbox project in a course, their students learn to innovate.

alexis vreeland storytime-to-go kickbox

View short videos that walk you through the innovation process here. The innovation process consists of five steps:

  1. Inception: Exploring why you want to innovate
  2. Ideate: Gathering ideas and having conversations
  3. Improve: Receiving feedback on your ideas
  4. Investigate: Determining if others see value in your idea
  5. Create: Developing something new!

Interested in reading about a student’s Kickbox project? Click here for the story of Alexis Vreeland’s project STORYTIME-TO-GO in Hillsborough, NC.