Kayla Baker (ELC) Wins UNCG’s Webinars Worth Watching Competition

Posted on March 21, 2022

Kayla Baker ELC student

Each year, the UNC Greensboro Graduate School and University Libraries have a competition, Webinars Worth Watching (W^3) for face-to-face and online graduate students to determine who can give the most effective webinar or virtual presentation in 10 minutes. “Graduate students need to be able to present their work and research digitally, as well as communicate the information effectively and quickly within the virtual programming tool.”

This year, Kayla Baker, 4th Year PhD student in the Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, was chosen as the 1st place winner. 

Kayla’s presentation entitled, “The Backbone is Speaking: Uplifting Black Women Voices on the Socialization of Black Youth” is about uplifting the voices of six Black women. This project explores what Black women teach Black youth and the why behind their socialization philosophies and strategies. It shares their perspectives on social messages sent to Black youth, the cultural role Black students perform, and strategies needed in order to dismantle the messages stunting Black student progress are analyzed as a means to inform the ways we can support, uplift, and empower Black youth. Dance choreography is used for symbolism, meaning, and purpose connected to the counter narratives shared through the women’s stories. 

“Being able to choreograph a research-based performance piece was my way of increasing social awareness, contributing to social activism through artistic expression, and creating a visual representation of the passion and love Black women have for the Black community.” – Kayla

The findings suggest the importance of grounding our interactions in an appreciation for Black history, looking to the historical past and ancestors as source of strength and triumph, surrounding Black youth with supportive community, and increasing the awareness Black youth have concerning the negative societal influences that are working against them.

Watch her presentation: https://youtu.be/aHslA4WYaYI?t=279

“It was really exciting to have some of my family and friends join me at the competition. This was their first time seeing me present my work. I have done many presentations, but this one meant the most because they were there.” – Kayla

To read more about the competition and view Kayla’s presentation, visit the UNCG Webinars Worth Watching Website.