Dr. Gay Ivey (TEHE) Interviewed on Classroom Caffeine Podcast

Posted on October 13, 2021

Dr. Gay Ivey, the William E. Moran Distinguished Professor in Literacy in the Teacher Education and Higher Education Department, was recently featured on the Classroom Caffeine Podcast.

In each episode of Classroom Caffeine, listeners hear from a leading education researcher or practitioner who shares what they want others to know about their work. Each conversation offers new insights into teaching and learning.

In the episode with Dr. Ivey, she talks about motivation in reading, building relationships with kids around books, and what happens when we create circumstances in schools where students drive their own reading and learning. Dr. Ivey is known for her work in the areas of reading engagement as a tool for improving the academic and relational lives of children and adolescents.

Listen here: www.classroomcaffeine.com/guests/gay-ivey

Learn more about Dr. Ivey’s research interests and her experience as the 2017-2018 President of the Literacy Research Association (LRA) here.