The School of Education (SOE) Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) endeavors to assist SOE faculty and staff with their pedagogical and technological skills to improve classroom instruction and make their use of technology more effective and efficient.



There are many ways to support instructors in effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning, including but not limited to: one-on-one consultations, small group workshops, training documentation, recommendations for appropriate technologies based on objectives, and applying learning theory to instructional design.

By collaborating with campus constituents, we hope to be able to meet any needs our instructors have related to using technology in support of the development and delivery of their instruction.

Training & Workshops


If you are looking for a session, tailored specifically to your wants and needs, then an individual consultation may be an efficient use of your time.

Small Group

Sometimes it can be beneficial for an entire department or group to attend a session together. An option to consider is the ability to schedule a sessions during an already scheduled meeting time for your group.

Scheduled Workshops

Our scheduled workshops are open for registration to anyone within SOE and include a wide range of topics, including but not limited to Canvas, Teams, and Drop-in Sessions. If you are looking for training and don’t see something you are interested in listed, please consider reaching out.


Our Newsletter, SOE Technology Connections, is an effort to provide monthly installments of technology tips and tricks, professional development opportunities, and both pedagogical and technology-based tips and tricks for instruction to our SOE faculty and staff.


Self-paced training

Canvas Course Card for Teaching in SOE course

teaching in the School of Education

Teaching is not just about the tools that we use but about the planning that goes into the way we present information to our learners. A self-paced Canvas course has been created to assist instructors in SOE to learn more about the resources and tools that are available to them as a member of SOE as well as a part of UNC Greensboro.

Canvas Course Card for SOE QM Review course

SOE Quality Matters Review

This course is designed for School of Education (SOE) instructors new to online teaching and those currently teaching online. Participants will use the Quality Matters (QM) standards to review their online course and participate in assessments to show their understanding of the standards to satisfy the initial professional development for online instruction requirements.

University-level services & Support

accessibility Resources

To ensure its online content is available to all users, UNC Greensboro offers a website hub for web accessibility support services and educational resources for faculty, staff, and students.

classroom support

We understand the pressures of adapting to a new classroom learning environment. Our dedicated help team is available to make the classroom work for you! Request personalized training or visit our Learning Spaces website to learn more about the technology in your classroom.

EDI Resources

The Training Commons is a portal for information and resources about targets of diversity education and training, and campus-wide links to offices and programs that offer resources and training. Consultation and facilitation requests from units, programs/departments, and organizations may also be submitted here.

its learning technology

The ITS Learning Technology team offers services that enhance learning through the use of technology; including but not limited to classroom technology support, computer lab management, emerging technology consultation, instructional design, innovative learning space design, faculty training and development.

University Libraries

Contact your library liaison for assistance locating ebooks, articles, and/or streaming media to enhance your online class. Liaisons can also provide synchronous or asynchronous online information literacy instruction to undergraduate or graduate courses.


The University Teaching and Learning Commons (UTLC) advances student learning by helping faculty implement evidence-based, innovative, and effective teaching strategies.