ITI Kickbox 2019 Jeannine Harrell

At this year’s Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) Conference, taking place from October 10-13th in Seattle, Dr. Scott Young and Dr. Carrie Wachter Morris of the Counseling and Educational Development (CED) Department gave a presentation on the Impact Through Innovation (ITI) KickBox projects that have been created by CED students.

Presentation Description: Counseling students will work in settings in which they are expected to be effective problem solvers. Recent research suggests that creative problem-solving, risk-taking, drive, and strategic thinking are all characteristics that employers desire in the individuals they hire. This presentation will describe how to effectively prepare counselors-in-training to adopt an innovation mindset to approach problems of practice the encounter in the field. A unique step-by-step process for teaching innovation based on Adobe KickBox will be shared, one that has been successfully utilized in counselor preparation. The five-step process can easily be easily translated into any counselor training setting. Examples of counseling student innovative solutions will be shared, including emotion regulation, addressing IEP requirements in a school, college and career readiness, among others

Dr. Young and Dr. Morris’ presentation was well-received by the ACES. Keep up the fantastic work!

To learn more about KickBox, click here.