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The School of Education is taking the lead on a book drive in support of the tornado relief for the Guilford County elementary schools that experienced severe damage by the tornado. This is a fantastic way for us to show our commitment to Guilford County Schools, and the children and families impacted by this tragedy. But we must act fast. The children displaced from their schools will be entering new classrooms in new school settings on Monday morning, April 23. We need to do everything we can to make their new classrooms warm and inviting spaces bursting with opportunities for learning.

The goal is straight forward: 3,000 books in 7 days.

That’s what the children of the displaced classrooms need so that each new classroom can have a small collection of grade-appropriate books. This is a lofty goal, but I know that we can have a huge impact if we pull together around this effort and engage our entire SOE community around this effort.

Click here for information on how to make donations, both on UNCG’s campus and online via our Amazon Wish List (you must be logged into your Amazon account to access the full list). Please note that some of the books on the Amazon Wish List are just a few dollars to purchase. We need multiple copies of each book, so even if it says “purchased” next to a title, we can still use more.

Please distribute this message as you deem appropriate to anyone who might be interested in helping, and keep up with our progress with the donation-tracking thermometer, which we will be updating regularly.

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