2024-2025 IGNITE PLC

Posted on April 22, 2024

CED student Gregoria Arreola-Meza sits at a table.

Learn more about the 2024-2025 Ignite Professional Learning Community (PLC) facilitators and topics below.

PLC Facilitators

PLC Topics

Biliteracy Blueprints will be a dynamic Professional Learning Community (PLC) tailored specifically for Spanish/English Dual Language/Immersion (DL/I) educators at the elementary level. In this collaborative environment, participants will join forces to design a biliteracy framework that leads to innovative unit organizers that seamlessly integrate literacy, science, and social studies. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive biliteracy framework anchored by the three Pillars of Dual Language Education and aligns with the Guiding Principles of Dual Language (GP3) and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. This holistic approach will yield a bilingual blueprint: a multidisciplinary framework and unit of study designed to enhance language proficiency, academic achievement, and socio-cultural understanding. Join us as we transform the educational experience by bridging learning across languages and cultures, fostering an enriched learning environment for our students. 

Facilitators: Diana Castaño, Betsy Román 

Target PLC Members: K-5 dual language/immersion (DL/I) Spanish/English educators interested in creating a biliteracy framework that integrates literacy, science and/or social studies using the NC Standard Course of Studies.

This PLC invites educators, community and family liaisons, family engagement coordinators, family advisory board members, and other community partners and volunteers working closely with multilingual families to support family engagement in schools. Through our PLC discussions, we will explore strategies, resources, and tools to support multilingual learner (ML) learning at the school and offer ideas to engage families to support student learning beyond school settings. We will discuss ways to learn from families, leverage families’ experiences and expertise, and empower families to support MLs in academic learning. Through the partnership between educators and families, we will identify key topics and resources that need to be included to share with both schools and ML families.

Facilitator: Maria Nancy Cloete 

Target PLC Members: educators, community and family liaisons, family engagement coordinators, family advisory board members, other community partners, and volunteers

Are you passionate about fostering writing excellence while building strong family connections? Join our Write Together PLC, where we’re dedicated to igniting writing excellence and strengthening bridges with families through dynamic collaborations. In this PLC, we will:  

  • dive into engaging writing activities through exploring innovative approaches to teaching writing while integrating academic vocabulary instruction; 
  • collaborate with like-minded community of educators dedicated to sharing ideas, resources, and best practices for promoting writing excellence. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a lasting impact on students’ writing skills and family engagement. Join Write Together PLC today and let’s build bridges through words! 

Facilitator: Evgenia Kolesnikov

Target PLC Members: K-12 educators interested in exploring writing instruction

Creating comprehensive support systems for newcomer multilingual learners is crucial to ensuring their successful integration and academic achievement in schools. Schools should prioritize providing culturally responsive instruction, language support programs, family engagement, and access to resources that cater to these students’ diverse linguistic backgrounds. In this PLC, we will focus on sharing and creating resources that can empower newcomer multilingual learners to thrive academically and socially within the school community. To enhance the support system for newcomer multilingual learners, participants will engage in a project-based PLC. All educators are welcome. 

Facilitator: Claudia M. Jiménez

Target PLC Members: Administrators and educators working with newcomer multilingual learners

This learning community will take a cross-curricular approach and will be especially appealing to teachers whose curricula have a strong applied and collaborative component, including but not limited to: content and Career and Technical Education teachers in Middle School and High School, as well as Career Development Coordinators, Instructional Coaches and other curriculum and instruction support specialists at all levels. We will focus on guiding students to leverage their funds of knowledge to promote content area literacy at school and at home, with a focus on where students envision themselves in the medium- and long-term future, and building academic literacy skills towards these student-centered college and career goals. 

Facilitator: Walter Moore

Target PLC Members: content and Career and Technical Education teachers in Middle School and High School, as well as Career Development Coordinators, Instructional Coaches and other curriculum and instruction support specialists at all levels

In this PLC, we will Ignite the dual immersion/immersion (DL/I) school administrators to discuss, learn, practice, and implement research-based practices for Multiligual Learners (MLs) in their DLI school programs. Administrators will have the chance to test and implement the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) practice guide in education to bring the best available evidence and expertise to bear on current education challenges. In addition to the IES practice guide, the PLC will review the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education (3rd ed.) and discuss the dual-capacity building framework for family engagement. Integrating recommendations from the IES practice guide with the guiding principles and dual-capacity building framework, administrators will be able to implement these research-based practices that are proven to be successful across various DL/I program structure. Based on these resources and the PLC discussions, PLC members will collaborate to create a frequently-asked-question resource for other administrators leading schools with DL/I programs.

Facilitator: Arlis Mulero

Target PLC Members: dual immersion/immersion (DL/I) school administrators

Are you ready to strengthen the bond between school and parents? If so, this project is perfect for you. We will explore how to create inclusive environments that cater to the needs of multilingual families in primary education. This learning opportunity aims to empower families within the school community by enhancing home literacy practices and fostering socio-emotional development in elementary school children. We aim to collaborate with parents to engage in literacy activities that support their students’ educational journey and to practice effective socio-emotional strategies to nurture their children’s holistic development. Join us if you are ready to create a culturally responsive learning environment that celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes a sense of belonging for all students and their families. 

Facilitator: Marcela Puerta

Target PLC Members: educators working with multilingual students and their families in elementary schools

This PLC focuses on career readiness for both students and their caregivers using a multi-generation approach. This PLC welcomes all grade level teachers, instructional assistants, administrators, and community helpers. PLC members will share and discuss resources for multilingual family engagement that supports career readiness for both the students and their families. In addition, PLC members will collaborate to brainstorm strategies for multi-generation family engagement through activities centering on career readiness. These activities may include interview skills, resume writing, and team building. PLC members will contribute to a multilingual family engagement toolkit to empower educators, families, and communities to engage with one another and provide networking opportunities for future communication and collaboration. 

Facilitator: Laurie Tucker

Target PLC Members: K-12 educators, instructional assistants, administrators, and community helpers

When students are cooperatively engaged in a motivating project, task or experience, and then reflective or mindful of the results and how to further apply them, they are actively participating in the learning (and self-teaching) process. Furthermore, for Multilingual Learners (MLs), experiential learning activities build opportunities for language learning, literacy skills development and involvement in collaborative practices by and between students and their families that facilitate a greater understanding of the content involved. Through real-time content-related experiences at school and at home, exposure to primary resources, audio-visual input and opportunities to show learning in dynamic ways, MLs can build both their content knowledge and the needed English language and literacy skills they need to be successful in school and beyond. 

Facilitator: Deborah Wilkes

Target PLC Members: K-12 educators interested in exploring experiential learning strategies