Congratulations to Dr. Ayesha Boyce, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Research Methodology in the UNCG School of Education, for receiving a continuation of funding from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the project “Network for Computational Nanotechnology – Hierarchical nanoMFG Node.”

The evaluation team, led by external program evaluator Assistant Professor Ayesha Boyce and associates from the School of Education at UNC Greensboro, will work closely with nanoMFG Node leadership to integrate formative and summative evaluation into the general operation of the program.  The evaluation will use a value-engaged, educative approach (VEE). The VEE approach, developed with NSF-EHR support, defines high-quality STEM educational programming as that which effectively incorporates cutting edge scientific content, strong instructional pedagogy and sensitivity to diversity and equity issues. A key role of the evaluator is to work closely with program implementers to promote understanding of program theory, implementation and impact.