Carla Wilson headshot

UNC Greensboro’s Carla Wilson, academic technology specialist for the School of Education, has been chosen to present at the 2022 UNC CAUSE Conference which will be held in Charlotte in October.

Wilson will be presenting a session titled “Quality Feedback in a Digital Age.” There are a variety of ways that instructors can share feedback, but how can you ensure that your message is being received in the way it was intended? Session participants will look at different types of feedback that instructors can give and some of the many ways it can be shared using built-in tools inside of the Canvas LMS.

The UNC CAUSE organization is a dynamic, creative, and innovative group of professionals providing insight and support for the constituent institutions in their pursuit of the utilization of information technology. Their conferences are an opportunity for sharing, input, and dialog to enhance the UNC systems environment and directions related to the supported technologies; it also allows participants to have some influence within the state regarding issues involving the profession.