Thrive where research and innovation meet teaching and practice

2019 Science Everywhere

UNCG’s School of Education is a hub of research and innovation in education and related fields, and our students and community partners engage with, and benefit from, these practices on a daily basis.

Members of our faculty are world-class leaders in their disciplines, working to develop important solutions to the most pressing issues facing education. Each year, they lead dozens of research projects yielding influential results that impact practice and garner millions of dollars in support from federal and state granting agencies. The expertise of our faculty is recognized across the nation, as is reflected by the numerous key advisory roles on which they serve for state and federal agencies of education and health services.

What is most special about the SOE is that we connect the advances made through our research and innovation directly back to teaching and learning in the classroom and the community. Students are able to learn from leading experts in their respective fields, and work side-by-side with them on a host of funded grants and scholarly projects, that generate novel ideas and bring innovation to life.

Just a few of the many examples of structures to support and promote innovation in the SOE include:

Students thrive in the SOE, where their learning is infused with advances stemming from cutting-edge research led by faculty. Upon graduation, they are prepared to be highly successful in their chosen profession and enhance the impact they are able to have within their careers.