Transform Magazine

Explore the pages of this annual publication and discover how the work of our faculty, students, and alumni is having an impact not only at UNC Greensboro, but in our community, nation, and world.

Throughout each issue of Transform magazine, you will see themes of innovation, equity and diversity, community engagement, and transformative learning, the four areas guiding our progress toward changing lives through advancing access to life’s opportunities.

In this year’s Transform (2019-2020), read about how we strive to bring our research ideas to life and deliver measurable impact on children and communities with our Impact Through Innovation initiative; the importance of supporting our English language learners throughout the School of Education; our new Inspirational Educators scholarship program that honors teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, librarians, and other educators that have made a difference in the lives of others; and much more.

PDF versions of the Transform Magazine archives are available through our Transform Magazine Archives Google Drive folder.