Development of global awareness, leadership, and civic responsibility will occur through engagement in a variety of activities funded in part through the generosity of the Sarah Cole Jordan endowment.


“Teaching Fellows prepared me more than I could ever imagine. I had the experience, enrichment, and support I needed to succeed in my program, the classroom, and on an everyday basis.”

Nyema Heyward

Teaching Fellows Study Abroad Panel

“Come to UNCG. The past four years have asked of me to research, analyze, implement, and teach knowledge about my subject area, and this university has made me good at not only being a teacher but an eager learner.”

Tristan Stinson

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These opportunities for an enriched professional and educational experience include:

  • Early internships
    Fellows intern in the schools approximately two years before their peers outside of the program. 
  • Integrated seminars
    Fellows enroll in seminars that integrate formal leadership development, intercultural learning, and teacher development led by award-winning faculty in the School of Education. 
  • International experience 
    Fellows spend a semester abroad in the second year, focusing on personal development, international study, and becoming a globally-minded educator. 
  • Residential living 
    Fellows live in relative proximity to one another as part of the Residential Colleges or Lloyd International Honors College during the first two years in the program. 
  • Undergraduate research
    Fellows engage in research around their passions, with opportunities to present and publish their work for external audiences. 
  • Community engagement
    Fellows develop and support initiatives designed to address the needs of the local community. 
  • Leadership development
    Fellows participate in professional conferences and workshops, network with local and state educational leaders, and engage in structured leadership skill-building, with opportunities for formal leadership roles. 
  • Alumni network 
    Fellows develop lasting bonds with a cohort of peers at UNCG that continue long past graduation, with activities specifically focused on alumni engagement. 


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