Congratulations to CED and LIS on their US News and World Report rankings!

ERM students to continue offering free consulting services

Graduate students from the Educational Research Methodology (ERM) Department offer free consulting services to graduate students, faculty, and staff at UNCG.

Areas of consulting include:

  • Quantitative Methodology
  • Intermediate Statistics (ANOVA, ANCOVA, Repeated Measures, etc.) & Multivariate Statistics
  • Classical Test Theory (CTT) & Item Response Theory (IRT)
  • Multiple Regression & Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM)
  • Factor Analysis & Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
  • Diagnostic Classification Modeling (DCM)
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Statistical Computing (R, SAS, SPSS, etc.)
  • Program Evaluation Methodology
  • Culturally Responsive Research & Evaluation Methodology
  • STEM Education Research & Evaluation Methodology
  • Collaborative/Participatory Research & Evaluation Methodology
  • Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methodology
  • Mixed Methods Research & Evaluation Methodology
  • Additional Specific methods include: Research/Evaluation Design, Data Collection (Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups, Data Analysis & Reporting), & Literature Review

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Curriculum Corner

The SOE Curriculum Committee would like to update you on our deadlines for the 2017-2018 year.Deadline to Submit Forms to SOE Curriculum Committee
September 5 (Spring/Summer 2018 Deadline)
September 26
October 31
November 28
January 16 (Fall 2018 Bulletin Deadline)
February 20
March 20
April 17
Please note: Submissions for curricular changes to the SOE Committee for Spring/Summer 2018 must be received by September 5th, and must be approved by our September 12th meeting. Please submit all forms to Scott Howerton: If you have any questions about curricular items, please feel free to contact your SOE Curriculum Committee representative.
Many thanks from the Committee,
Anne Akers (LIS)
Jill Chouinard (ERM)
Brian Clarida (ELC)
Scott Howerton (TEHE, Co-Chair, UCC Rep.)
Teresa Little (SES, Co-Chair)
Keith Mobley (CED)
Jewell Cooper (ex-officio, GSC Rep.)

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Congratulations to Dr. Edna Tan (TEHE) on her continuation of funding from Michigan State University for her project “Tools for Teaching and Learning Engineering Practices: Pathways Towards Productive Identity Development in Engineering [I-Engineering].”

Congratulations to Dr. John Willse (ERM) on his award from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for his project “Special Projects in Development and Maintenance of Statewide Assessments.” The Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Services (OAERS) in the Department of Educational Research Methodology (ERM) at UNCG will provide technical assistance and conduct research to support North Carolina Test Development program in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive system for general and alternate assessments in English language arts/reading, mathematics, science and social studies. Tasks will include several types of analytic and research work, including statistical support, technical documentation, as well as auxiliary research to support operational practices.