SOE Communications, Media, and Events

SOE Public Communications

The Communications, Media, and Events group promotes the mission and identify of the School of Education (SOE) through a variety of print and online publications for students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of SOE, and the general public. 

The SOE Public Communications Specialist acts as the liaison between the School of Education and university, including local, regional, and nationwide outlets in print, broadcast, and electronic formats. Faculty and staff members wishing to publicize university events, awards and honors, research activities, publications and student achievements through the SOE and Alumni web-based newsfeeds, SOE social media, press releases, and Campus Weekly.

There are three avenues that you can use to help quickly share news and events information with your preferred audience. Choose your preferred method for sharing your information from the links below . Filling out one form will not ensure you information is shared through all these methods, so if you wish to submit to all three you will need to fill out all three forms. 

Click on the sections below to learn more about the public communication services that are offered through the School of Education.