SELF Design Studio


National Folk Festival 2017 – Collaborative Storytelling and Color-by-Number Projects

The UNCG SELF Design Studio and the Teaching Resources Center participated in the National Folk Festival 2017 on September 9th and 10th, 2017. We facilitated two projects – Collabo-Story and Collabo-Art – wherein participants produced collaborative digital stories and color-by-number collaborative murals. Thank you to the volunteers and participants for making it a successful weekend. We look forward to the North Carolina Folk Festival next year!

Collabo-Story Projects

Collabo-Color Pixel Art

Hundred of festival-goers contributed to coloring this 4′ x 4′ pixel artwork of the city of Greensboro.  A total of 9,261 individually colored squares! 



SELF Design Studio – Elementary School Workshop Days – Fall 2016

On November 1st and 3rd, UNCG’s SELF Design Studio hosted workshops for 4th and 5th grade students from Joyner Elementary School.  Student groups had the opportunity to experience four workshops including Wind Table Flyers, Google Cardboard / Rigamajig, Robot Obstacle Course, and Breakout Room.  SELF Design Studio staff and Makers in Residence collaborated to design each workshop to provide a fun and technology-rich learning environment.  

In the Wind Table Flyers workshop, students used paper plates, cups, playing cards, and other assorted pieces of junk to construct hovercrafts which would fly on a wind table.  Students took virtual reality field trips around the world and engineered large prototypes of imaginary inventions in the Google Cardboard / Rigamajig workshop.  In the Robot Obstacle Course, students used problem solving skills, critical thinking, and computer programming to create a program which would navigate a robot through a maze.  The Breakout Room required students to use math skills and technology tools to solve puzzles and problems to unlock toolboxes full of treasure.

These days were a fantastic way to provide new learning environments for the students and give our Makers in Residence (who are all pre-service teaching students) an opportunity to put their technology and teaching skills into practice.  The SELF Design Studio staff and students are looking forward to offering more school workshop days like this one in the Spring semester.

  • Students take virtual reality fields trips to locations around the world


SELF Design Studio – Maker in Residence Program – Fall 2016


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 2.34.42 PMAre you looking to gain teaching experience and learn amazing new skills?  This is your opportunity to work, learn and serve UNCG students in one of the most innovative learning spaces on campus!

In the SELF Design Studio — our STEAM education lab — School of Education students have access to state-of-the-art tools such as 3D printers, a laser engraver, circuitry invention kits, computer graphic applications, virtual and augmented reality tools, robotics, and art and craft supplies.

What will I do as a Maker in Residence?  

    • Serve as an ambassador and recruiter for the studio at open house events, including workshops for UNCG students and community members, and regional makerfaires
    • Introduce and assist SOE students on integrating new technologies such as 3D printers, robots, and art/engineering building projects in curriculum
    • Promote and assist in leading Fall workshops for:
      • Building your own green screen studio
      • 3D printing your own phone case
      • Building your own art robot
      • Soldering a blinking LED pin
      • …  as well as opportunities to create your own workshops based on YOUR interests!
  • Engage students in pop-up making activities:
    • Cardboard and plastic straw construction
    • Paper rocket building and launching
    • Rain art creation
    • Green screen photography and movie-making

How can I become a Maker in Residence?  

  • We are searching for students who enjoy learning new skills, are open to taking risks, and are excited for the opportunity to share knowledge with others.
  • Prior experience with creative teaching is not necessary, but can be a plus!  If you have a passion for the arts (fine arts and crafting, music, puppetry, sewing), technology (computer coding, use of tablet apps, video/photography), and/or engineering (building structures with random materials) share it with the SOE community.
  • This opportunity is open to any freshman, sophomore, or junior considering a career in education or already admitted to the SOE program.
  • Maker in Residents will volunteer for at least 30 hours over the Fall semester.

Visit Room 307: SELF Design Studio for more information.