Office of Student Success

As a UNC Greensboro student, you have to meet specific requirements in order to be admitted to your program of study. Contact the advisor for your major to discuss specific requirements to move from pre-major to major status and deadlines for meeting these requirements.

To officially apply to their program of study, students must complete a Teacher Education Application. The link to the Teacher Education Application can be found below. Students should make sure they are thorough as they complete the application. If students fail to provide enough detail in their responses or answer questions incorrectly, this could delay their admission into Teacher Education.

Teacher Education Resources

Teacher Education Fellows

The UNC Greensboro Teacher Education Fellows Program emphasizes servant leadership within a diverse and global context. As participants in this community of like-minded pre-service teachers, scholarship recipients will engage in teaching-related activities designed to develop and enhance their leadership abilities, commitment to the campus and broader community, and awareness of socio-cultural considerations from the individual to the global scale.

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To Apply to the Teacher Education Fellows Program, click here.