SELF (Student Educator Learning Factory) Design Studio


We are constantly searching for and experimenting with new tools in the SELF Design Studio. The linked document is a list of the tools currently available for UNCG SOE students to explore.

SELF Design Studio Resources

360 view of the SDS

MaKey MaKey Projects

We use the MaKey MaKey extensively in the SELF Design Studio.  When groups come into the studio, we start with a quick demonstration by creating a set of Human MaKey MaKey bongos.  It’s a big hit, and a good way to get everyone’s attention.  But how do we move from the Human Bongos and Banana Piano to integrating the MaKey MaKey into projects that teachers can use in their classrooms?

What follows are samples of activities we’ve developed with our pre-service teachers that incorporate the MaKey MaKey in different curricular areas.