SELF (Student Educator Learning Factory) Design Studio

Become a Maker in Residence

Makers in Residence will learn how to use many resources in the studio that can be used with students in their K-12 teaching placements.

Maker in Residence Fall 2022 Application

Makers in Residence are undergraduate students who have an interest in building their creative and exploratory nature.  Students from all majors are welcome to becomes MiRs, although a majority of our MiRs have been education majors.  

During the semester, Makers in Residence spend 4 hours a week in the studio.  We schedule your time based on free time in your schedule and we try to schedule several MiRs in the studio at one time.  During this time, you will explore the five maker pathways.   Once you have explored tools and created a project from each pathway, you can choose your favorite to explore throughout the semester.  Each week, you will create with tools from your chosen pathway and create personal interest projects.  

During your second semester in the studio, we will talk about your pathway progress and begin to plan a project you can create to use in a classroom.  (You don’t have to actually use the project, but you definitely could if you and your cooperating teacher would find it beneficial to your K-5 students!)   These projects are also presented at our annual Science Everywhere Festival.