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SOE Instructional Technology Tool Box

There are many tools available to you at UNC Greensboro, that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Below we highlight some of the most frequently used tools in order to allow you to get better acquainted with them. Each tech tool will share with you’re a quick description of the tool, how to access it, as well as point you in the direction to receive more information about the tool. If you have any questions regarding the tools listed below, please set up a consultation with a member of the Instructional Technology Support team. Visit the Information Technology Services webpage, Available Software at UNC Greensboro , to see a full-list of software available for use. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives users access to a collection of software from Adobe systems that is used for digital photography, graphic design, video editing, and web development. Software from the creative cloud is downloaded and installed directly onto a local computer.

To learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud and how to get the software, view the ITS Adobe Creative Cloud @ UNCG webpage.  


Box is one of three cloud storage solutions available to us at UNC Greensboro. Everyone with a UNC Greensboro account (Faculty, Staff, and Students) have unlimited storage available on Box. All UNC Greensboro users can access Box at from any browser.

Box is available with a valid UNC Greensboro user account and can be installed on a maximum of 3 computers (Windows or Macs). There is no limit to the number of computers that can be used to access Box via a web browser.

To learn more about Box, view the ITS Box @ UNCG webpage.


To access Box, navigate to and use your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


  • Faculty, students and staff can share their work and collaborate on projects
  • Digitize administrative tasks
  • Give students real-time access to learning content


Canvas is the primary learning management system (LMS) for UNC Greensboro. It allows instructors and students to create and interact with educational and collaborative content beyond the traditional classroom. 

Canvas is known for its user-friendly online environment and ability to easily connect instructors and students both in and out of the classroom. Canvas includes basic LMS functionality for managing enrollments, sharing documents, submitting assignments, and assigning grades, as well as personalized features for individual students. 

To learn more about Canvas, please contact your Instructional Technology Consultant.


To access Canvas, navigate to and use your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


  • Enhance your course by making course materials available online, such as documents, presentations, videos, etc.
  • A way to simplify teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools instructor use in one easy place.
  • It allows students to know their grades faster and have a closer relationship with their teachers
    A dashboard page that quickly summarizes assignments, announcements and other relevant information across course sites
  • A working calendar that can be added to Google Calendar, iCal or other popular calendar tools

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

iSpartan is UNC Greensboro’s implementation of Google Apps for Education (GAFE). GAFE is a collection of web-based collaboration tools, including email, chat, calendaring, word processing, and spreadsheets. These tools work through a Web browser, without requiring users to buy or install software.

To learn more about GAFE view the ITS iSpartan webpage.


To access GAFE, navigate to and use your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


  • Create and Collaborate with Google Documents, Forms, Presentation, Sites, and Sheets
  • Communicate with email, chat and video conference
  • Embed learning content such as documents, quizzes, slides, etc. in the Learning Management System (Canvas)


MyCloud is a service that offers UNC Greensboro faculty, staff and students’ access to applications and virtual desktops over the internet. While you can use MyCloud to access applications in computer labs on campus and your office, you can also use it to access applications from your home or mobile devices, making distance learning and commuting more convenient. 

To access MyCloud, navigate to and use your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


Office 365 is the cloud-based Microsoft productivity suite that provides access to Office applications (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) and other productivity services. Information Technology Services (ITS) has made Office 365 available to all UNC Greensboro students, faculty and staff, which provides feature enhancements, cost-savings and convenience advantages for the UNC Greensboro community.

To learn more about Office 365 view the ITS Office 365 @ UNCG webpage.


To access Office 365, navigate to and use your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


  • Create and Collaborate with Microsoft Documents, Presentations, Forms, and so much more
  • Embed Office 365 content such as Word documents, Sway and PowerPoint presentations, forms, etc. in the Learning Management System (Canvas)


Panopto is a a piece of software, similar to Canvas Studio, that can be used as a lecture capture streaming solution. This video platform allows recording, webcasting, and video content management for distance learning. It is already integrated into Canvas and additionally offers an option to install the software on your computer.

Use the articles and videos below to learn more about Panopto and how you could use it in your courses.


SoftChalk can help you to introduce active learning opportunities and improve engagement. It can be used to create interactive elements, quizzes, modules, or an entire course housing a variety of media. This software is integrated with the Canvas Gradebook, meaning that when your students take a SoftChalk activity online, the grades can automatically be linked back to a Canvas course.

To learn more about SoftChalk view the Using SoftChalk with your Canvas Course.

To use one of the multiple licenses purchased by the School of Education, please fill out the request form.


Zoom is a videoconferencing application used for web conferencing, online meetings, and synchronous online learning. All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are eligible for Zoom accounts. To activate your account, log into Zoom at

Users of Zoom are expected to adhere to Policies at UNCG. Please especially review the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy.

To learn more about Zoom view the ITS Zoom articles.


You can access Zoom directly within a Canvas course, or by navigating to and using your UNC Greensboro credentials (username and password) to log in.


  • Synchronous class sessions online
  • Asynchronous recordings
  • Host online meetings

Add UNCG zing to your Zoom sessions with branded graphics. 

At UNC Greensboro we have access to a wide variety of technology, both hardware and software, to use for instruction and daily operations. UNC Greensboro uses a type of contract called click wrap agreements, to show that UNC Greensboro agrees to terms and conditions prior to faculty, staff, and student using a product or service.

Visit the Office of General Counsel’s webpage to review the list of approved and supported products and services available through click wrap agreements. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Instructional Technology Support team.