Instructional Technology Support

SOE Instructional Technology Tool Box

There are many tools available to you at UNC Greensboro, that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Below we highlight some of the most frequently used tools in order to allow you to get better acquainted with them. Each tech tool will share with you’re a quick description of the tool, how to access it, as well as point you in the direction to receive more information about the tool. If you have any questions regarding the tools listed below, please set up a consultation with a member of the Instructional Technology Support team. Visit the Information Technology Services webpage, Available Software at UNC Greensboro , to see a full-list of software available for use. 

At UNC Greensboro we have access to a wide variety of technology, both hardware and software, to use for instruction and daily operations. UNC Greensboro uses a type of contract called click wrap agreements, to show that UNC Greensboro agrees to terms and conditions prior to faculty, staff, and student using a product or service.

Visit the Office of General Counsel’s webpage to review the list of approved and supported products and services available through click wrap agreements. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Instructional Technology Support team.