Instructional Technology Support

SOE Instructional Technology Support

The Instructional Technology Support team is here to help—whether you’re looking to checkout and reserve equipment, or to learn more about programs specific to SOE, you’ve found the right place!

Click below to learn more about some of our most frequently requested support services. If you have any questions about what types of support are offered, please feel free to reach out to a member of the SOE Instructional Technology Support team.

Classroom Support

UNC Greensboro Information Technology Services (ITS) provides classroom technologies support to foster the synergy of technology, pedagogy, and the learning space. Press the help button at the instructor station to receive in classroom support, you will be connected to a member of ITS so that they can assist you at the moment that a problem is experienced in the classroom.

Learn more about classroom support through ITS by reviewing their Classroom Technology – Support webpage.

Technical Support

If you are having trouble with your School of Education (SOE) issued hardware (desktop, laptop, tablet, or other devices) software (Atlas TI, SPSS), connectivity issues, etc., please email is your quickest way to receive assistance as these tickets will be routed to the Technology Analyst for the School of Education. Make sure that you provide as much information as possible with your request in order to assist in a timely response.


COVID-19 Updates

Due to Covid-19, our Technical Support office will be closed to all walk-in traffic.

• Users’ equipment will be picked up from the client’s office or the department’s main office to be worked on in the SOE IT office.
• The SOE technical analyst will not be working on client equipment in their office, with or without them being present.
• Clients will receive a written checklist of instructions for new computer setups so the user can do the various logins themselves.
• Post setup follow-up will be handled via a Zoom session.
• Mac users will need to provide their UNCG credentials so that the technician can do the initial required login.