Conference Room Reservations


Covid-19 Update

Given the continued need for social distancing this fall, we will provide access to our conference rooms in the School of Education, with specific guidelines for capacity, food, and beverage in place. We expect meetings may also provide an option for online participation, as we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Should this create a challenge for you, please reach out to Gabrielle Boyce for questions.

The School of Education (SOE) has four conference rooms that can be reserved for meeting purposes. Conference rooms in the School of Education building should be requested for meeting purposes only, NOT for classes to be held. Please review the conference room descriptions below to get a better understanding of the room set up and equipment that is available. 

Please complete the conference room request form to request a space for your meeting date and time.

Once a request has been made, you will receive an email response approving or denying your request.

If you have any questions related to SOE room reservations request, please contact Gabrielle Boyce (336)-344-4418,, 324 SOE Building.

Special Note: We currently have 7 tables that can be reserved. For special consideration, approval from the Dean will be needed. To request access to these tables please fill out the table reservation form.

Room Descriptions