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Research Support


Deana Hasty

Pre-Award Research Administrator


Contact Deana for support in the initial stages of developing contracts and grant proposals.

Lori George

Post-Award Research Administrator

Lori provides support upon award, and will establish a plan of action for project startup and planning for expenditures.

Pre-Award Support

The Pre-Award Coordinator can assist faculty at all stages of proposal development and submission:

  • Identify funding opportunities and help interpret sponsor guidelines;
  • Utilize a proposal submission checklist and timeline for submission;
  • Develop your proposal budget and justification in accordance with sponsor guidelines and university policies;
  • Help identify an appropriate reviewer for your proposal before submission and find internal resources (through the research office or other sources) to support the review;
  • Communicate with collaborators or subcontractors to collect budget documents and formal letters of collaboration;
  • Manage the internal routing process to obtain signatures using RAMSeS electronic routing system;
  • Coordinate with the Sponsored Programs office to ensure a smooth submission;
  • Collect documents and assemble your final application package for final review by the Sponsored Programs Office before it is sent to the sponsor;
  • Communicate information about your project to the Post-Award Coordinator once a project is funded.

Searches for Funding Opportunities

The Pre-Award Coordinator performs regular searches of funding databases in order to identify potential sources of funding for faculty interests. Periodically we send out funding announcements that fit interests of the school. We also send interesting opportunities to individual faculty as they come to our attention.

Faculty who are interested in a particular topic and are seeking funding sources are invited to contact our office, and we will conduct a focused search on that topic. It is helpful to have an idea of your project when performing a search; please complete a brief concept form that we can use to find the right sponsor.

Assistance with Contracts

Contracts are subject to similar policies and procedures as grants, in that they are externally funded and must go through RAMSeS. Faculty are encouraged to contact the Pre-Award Coordinator for assistance with developing a contract, or to obtain a standard contract template that contains language pre-approved by University Counsel.

Budget Development

Budget considerations can often determine parts of your project design. The Pre-Award Coordinator works individually with you to create a budget appropriate to your proposal, and to help you assess costs for your proposed activities. A sample budget and justification can be found here.

Your budget needs to receive final approval by the Office of Sponsored Programs in order for the proposal to be complete. Therefore, faculty are strongly encouraged to contact us at the very beginning of the proposal planning process rather than waiting until it reaches the final stage.

Budget Justification Narratives

When we work with you to develop your budget, we can also provide an initial draft of a budget justification based on the information you have provided, and we will put it into the same order and categories that the sponsor requires.


When you are a subcontract on another PI’s proposal: Your collaborator will need a letter of collaboration from our Sponsored Programs office for the application. The Pre-Award Coordinator can help get the subcontract documents together for routing through RAMSeS. A sample subcontract budget, justification or scope of work and letter of collaboration can be found here.

When you want to include a subcontract in your proposal: The Pre-Award Coordinator can work directly with your collaborator’s grant support person to obtain documents necessary for the application.

Internal Processing Using RAMSeS

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Your proposal will need to be authorized by your department chair, dean, and the offices of Contract & Grants, and Sponsored Programs in order for your proposal to be submitted to the sponsor. The RAMSeS (Research Administration Management System & eSubmission) electronic grant submission system allows electronic approvals to be collected. The Pre-Award Coordinator can start a RAMSeS file for you and prepare it for routing while you concentrate on the content of your proposal.

It is helpful to have a discussion with your department chair about the upcoming proposal, and to include any other stakeholders from the research team and other departments involved. The Pre-Award Coordinator will facilitate meetings of the research team, when time permits, to make sure there is an understanding of what resources are needed for a successful project. This process also helps streamline the flow to Post-Award when a project is awarded.

By the time a proposal is routed, generally your dean and department chair are looking primarily at the budget to approve the effort you will spend on the project, if you are requesting a course release, if and also to see if graduate students might be supported by the project.

Facilitate the Review of Proposals

We encourage faculty to identify an expert in the field to provide a review of their proposal. Ideally, these reviews would be requested at least two months prior to the submission date for the proposal to allow adequate time for reviewer feedback and for the investigator to incorporate that feedback into the proposal. In reality, most of us do not have our proposals to the point where they are ready for review this early. Given that most proposals are not funded after the first submission, one option would be to have a reviewer provide feedback on the proposal at the same time the proposal is being reviewed by the sponsor. Then, when the “official” reviews are received, the same reviewer can be consulted by the investigator regarding response to the sponsor’s comments.

The SOE Research Office is in the process of collecting names of potential reviewers for various focus areas to serve as a resource for faculty. It is our long-term goal to provide an honorarium for consultation with an external reviewer.

Post-Award Support

The Post-Award Coordinator can assist faculty and project coordinators at the following administration stages of the project:

  • Establish an individualized Plan of Action (POA);
  • Review the award budget loaded by the Controller’s Office from Contracts and Grants’ interpretation;
  • Administer your project in accordance with sponsor guidelines and University policies;
  • Hire project staff and process personnel forms;
  • Purchase research supplies, equipment, etc.;
  • Assist with fiscal management and accounting;
  • Coordinate with University offices to ensure project administration is operating effectively, efficiently, and in compliance;
  • Assist with proper close-out of project funds;
  • Train project coordinators on the above functions

POA Template

Internal Policies