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Completion of program leads to NC Level I Principal License and MSA degree.


Dr. Kimberly Hewitt, Director

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The Director is the primary individual responsible for the preparation, implementation, and administration of the grant and:

  1. Ensures the project is conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and institutional policy, as well as the terms and conditions contained in the award; stands responsible for project management and fiscal management of the award;
  2. Serves as the “face” of the project and takes public responsibility for PPEERS;
  3. Oversees planning for and implementation of grant (e.g., timelining, monitoring alignment with project goals, contingency planning, etc.);
  4. Coordinates with UNC GREENSBORO officials SREB and provide regular project updates to department;
  5. Supervises Project Manager and coordinates all project personnel and OAERS;
  6. Facilitates mid-course corrections informed by the evaluation data;
  7. Serves as liaison with NCASLD;
  8. Leads efforts to brand PPEERS and disseminate lessons learned from the project.

Dr. Mark A. Rumley, Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is also responsible for the preparation, implementation, and administration of the grant and:

  1. Provide program leadership, including program design, implementation, and evaluation;
  2. Serve as liaison with our rural partner districts;
  3. Engage in communication with all stakeholders;
  4. Plan and implement program events, such as Performance Learning Days, study tours, mock interviews, and stakeholder meetings; and collaboratively recruiting and selecting candidates into PPEERS cohorts.
  5. Teach Masters in School Administration (MSA) courses for PPEERS (~3/year)
  6. Plan/prepare for, teaching, and evaluating student performance for assigned courses, including ELC 690: Internship, which involves supervising students during their 10-month, full-time internships in the second year of the two-year program and co-planning/co-implementing bi-weekly internship seminars on Thursdays in partner districts
  7. Engage in collaborative curriculum work to ensure coherence of coursework across the program and integration of theory and practice

Dr. Carl LashleyProject Services Director

Carl Lashley

The Project Services Director:

  1. Organizes, plans, and supervises enrichment experiences and special topic seminars;
  2. Leads the Curriculum Working Group, comprised of UNC GREENSBORO faculty, SREB, and district representatives who are tasked with developing two new courses, revising existing courses, integrating the best of UNC GREENSBORO and SREB curricula and assessments, and assuring coherence of the integrated learning model in curriculum;
  3. Develops strategies and training for faculty, adjunct instructors, and district personnel to support project priorities.


Onna Jordan, Program Manager

The Program Manager supports all aspects of day-to-day project activities: assistance with recruitment, purchasing supplies, coordinating payment for project leadership, processing contracted service payments and travel reimbursements, processing tuition, collecting program information and providing regular budget reports for Dr. Kappler-Hewitt. The Program Manager serves as the financial liaison for partner districts in processing scholar tuition and salary replacement. Program manager receives supplemental training from the SOE Post-Award Grant Coordinator so that the project runs smoothly.